Monday, 28 October 2013

Imre Goth

Reclining woman with book

Imre Goth

born 1893 in Szeged, Hungary

died 1982 in California, USA

Daily mail
The last romantics
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  1. An exquisite view- great blog and good ole Imre Goth. He was small, elegant, funny, clever, gentle and generous. Visiting my mother one idyllic w/end, he made a point of telling me how important bird-song was. He lived in one of the north-facing studios on Talbot Rd., West London. One summer visiting us he mixed up my big brother's name and mine, my brother got a light blue jeep with suspension and would't swap, I got dominoes.... my twin sis a polka-dot dress, my mum an elEctric clock, which melted in the oven.
    Some years later, when 'an' unfashionable original of *'Dignity & Impudence' (Tate) arrived on our stairs (from the Astor estate- following Profumo affair) Imre drew a parallel between himself/Guering and Landseer/Bell, explaining how Landseer's 'own' version of the 2 dogs, capturing 'devotion & irritation', and patron/owner Bell's indignant, catastrophic, irretrievable commercial advice resulted in the modified 'Dignity & Impudence' and sent Lanny (my favourite artist) 'mad as a mayfly'.
    *(Our version, sold London 1976, differed only in having traces of blue paint embedded in the grain of lower kennel-rail. I first thought it made by a giant with the help of fairies.) Best wishes, James GvG.