Monday, 23 December 2013

Jean Helion

Newspaper readers, 1948

Le journalier

Le journalier, 1948

Journalier bleu

Etude E195, 1939

Journalier et chute, 1939

Reading for the end of things

Journalier aux femmes nues, 1948

Le journalier, 1939

Le journalier

Allégorie journaliere

Untitled, 1957

The big daily news, 1950

Star nude with smoker and daily reader, 1949


Le journalier

Homme au journal, 1950

Leland Bell reading, 1951

Le journalier

Journalier assis, 1950

Journalier lisant, 1950

Jean Helion

born April 21, 1904 in Couterne (Orne), France

died October 27, 1987 (83) in Paris, France

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