Sunday, 9 February 2014

Suzuki Harunobu


Hinazuru, from the book Yoshiwara bijin awase

Beauty Koiyama

Reading on a autumn evening

Kamuro dozing and courtesan reading a letter


Two girls, c.1750

The secret love letter

Reading a letter

Woman in nightrobe reading a letter

Young woman reading a letter by lamplight

Reading a letter by a streetlantern

Osen and an assistant reading a novelette

Two women by a lacquer cabinet, one reading a book

Woman seated on stairs reading a letter watched by a young man

Courtesan reading a letter by moonlight reflected on snow

Woman reading a letter while reading a crane

Woman riding a carp and reading a letter

Elephant girl

Suzuki Harunobu

born c.1725, Japan

died July 7, 1770, Japan

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