Friday, 18 April 2014

Amedeo Bocchi

Autoritratto con Bianca, 1932

La colta, 1916

Amedeo Bocchi

born August 24, 1883 in Parma, Italy

died December 16, 1976 (93) in Rome, Italy

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Museo Amedeo Bocchi

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  1. Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures. For the first time I have now seen the protraits of Bocchi and Bianca. About 35 years ago I purchased a book while trying to teach myself in drawing and painting. I did not even get started and put the book aside. But the book had a picture printed on the last pages that I will never forget during my lifetime (I am 61 years old now). Every once in a while I look into the book and let the picture touch my soul and drift away like jumping into cool water on a hot summer day. It is the picture of a young woman sitting on a chair in a park, dressed in a black skirt and a yellow-white blouse. AMADEO BOCCHI painted it in 1919. Over all these years I am still so fascinated that I am planning to travel to Rome and see the original picture this year in October. Thank you again for the inspiring website. Annette from Berlin / Germany