Sunday, 22 May 2016

John Singer Sargent

Man reading

Mosquito nets

By the river (Femme en barque), 1885

Corfu, in the garden (Jane Emmet de Glehn), 1909

The breakfast table, 1884

Lady in the Alps reading

Zuleika, c.1907

Woman reading in a cashmere shawl, 1909

Simplon pass, reading

Girl in pink dress reading

Man reading, c.1910

Corfu, a rainy day, 1909

Madame Helleu at Fladbury

Girl reading, 1900

The misses Vickers

Portrait of a boy, 1890

John Singer Sargent

born January 12, 1856 in Florence, Italy

died April 14, 1925 (69) in London, UK

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  1. Sargent ha always been one of my favourite artists. Once, some years ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to an exhibit of his paintings. I was familiar with the society portraits (similar in type though different in style to artists like Gainsborough), but he did so many other things that I wasn't aware of until then. A lovely post, and some wonderful selections of paintings to share. Thank you!

    1. I thoroughly endorse Canadian Chickadee's comments.

  2. Thank you @Canadian Chickadee for your kind comment