Monday, 29 December 2014

Leonid Pasternak

Night before exams

News from the homeland

Portrait of a woman, 1893

Reading by the green lamp

L.N. Tolstoy reading by a lamp

L.N. Tolstoy

L.N. Tolstoy and N.N. Ghe in the vaulted study, 1894

Salomon Anski reading

Max Liebermann opening an exhibition at the Berlin Academy, 1930

Boris Pasternak, 1901

The artist's daughters Lydia and Josephine in the nursery, 1908

The artist's daughters Lydia and Josephine, reading, 1916

Emil Verhaeren

Aus der Schule, 1924

Leonid Pasternak

born April 4, 1862 in Odessa, Russia

died May 31, 1945 (83) in Oxford, UK

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