Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Pablo Picasso

Girl reading

Woman reading (Marie Therese Walter), 1960

Reading, 1921

Femme lisant

Woman reading (Olga)

Reading a letter, 1921

La lecture, 1901

Mujer sentada leyendo, c.1899

Reading at a table, 1934

Girl reading

Great bather reading

Woman reading, 1935

Head of a woman reading, 1953

Interior with two reading figures

Two girls reading

Women reading, 1934

The lesson, 1934

Femme assise lisant une lettre

Femme étendue lisant, 1952

Reclining woman reading

Femme lisant (Olga), 1920

Jacqueline lisant 1

Jacqueline lisant 2

Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

born October 25, 1881 in Málaga, Spain

died April 8, 1973 (91) in Mougins, France

Pablo Picasso
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